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Within 5 minutes of Downtown Bellevue you can be paddling along, enjoying the skyline and looking for Great Blue Heron, Otters and Turtles. more

Logos & Destination Branding

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To assist in marketing and promoting an event or convention in Bellevue; this page provides a collection of Visit Bellevue Washington logos and Bellevue copy. These materials may be downloaded for use by Meeting Planners for conventions booked in Bellevue, Authorized Visit Bellevue Washington Affiliates, and Media Publishers.

    Authorization of Use

    Any use of the Visit Bellevue Washington logo must be approved by Visit Bellevue Washington prior to dissemination to the public. Please read the Visit Bellevue Washington Logo Usage Policy and send your logo use request to Your logo use request should contain the details listed below (please refer to the Logo Usage Policy document for a complete description of the approval process).

    • Organization name, address, contact email, and phone number
    • Proposed dates of use
    • Exact purpose for which the logo will be used
    • Intended audience
    • Sample of the proposed use

    Once that step is out of the way, please reference the Visit Bellevue Washington Logo Format Guidelines for information about all of the logo resources that will help you communicate the Visit Bellevue Washington brand in print and online.

    For questions regarding image usage, please contact


    Visit Bellevue Washington Logos

    The logos below may be downloaded once your logo request has been approved. To download a file, select the file type you would like to download and the logo will appear in a separate window. Right click on the logo and select "save as image". Additional file types of the logos below are also available upon request. 


     Visit Bellevue Washington Logo - Orange
    Visit Bellevue Washington Logo Orange Web PNG

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    Visit Bellevue Washington Logo - Grey     

    Visit Bellevue Washington Logo Gray Web PNG


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     Visit Bellevue Washington Tag - Orange

    Visit Bellevue Washington Tag Orange JPG

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    Visit Bellevue Washington Tag - White

    Visit Bellevue Washington Tag White PNG

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    Bellevue Copy

    We encourage you to use the copy provided below for your promotional materials.

    50 Words

    Visit Bellevue for world-class shopping, distinctive restaurants as well as quick and easy access to Seattle landmarks, Woodinville wineries, recreational options like golf and parks, and outdoor adventures on the lakes and in the mountains. Stay in Bellevue and experience all that the greater Puget Sound region has to offer.

    100 Words

    Bellevue, Washington, is located just minutes from Seattle, in one of the most breathtaking parts of the country. Bellevue is known for its urban experiences including incredible shopping, 4-star restaurants and nightlife, and its clean, safe and walkable downtown. But if outdoor experiences are your interest, be sure to check out the acres of parks and wetlands and miles of trails. In Bellevue, you're just a stone's throw from towering mountains, pristine lakes and wilderness, internationally acclaimed wineries, and the world famous Pike Place Market and other Seattle landmarks. Stay in Bellevue and experience all that the greater Puget Sound region has to offer.