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Within 5 minutes of Downtown Bellevue you can be paddling along, enjoying the skyline and looking for Great Blue Heron, Otters and Turtles. more

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Bellevue isn't just a pretty face | Tacoma News Tribune


By Craig Sailor, Staff Writer
Tacoma News Tribune

Amid high-end shops you can find dining, affordable attractions, nature. Mention Bellevue to a Tacoman and you're more than likely to get a skeptical response. After all, what does the city have to offer beyond high-rise condos, shopping malls and BMWs stuck in traffic?

A lot more, it turns out. Bellevue has plenty of attractions that don't involve dropping a wad of cash at Louis Vuitton.

This article showcases the hidden gems of Bellevue such as The Bellevue Botanical Garden, The Salt Mine Arium, Bellevue's Main Street, The Bellevue Downtown Park, Cascade Canoe and Kayak, Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, Bellevue Art Museum, and restaurants Lot No. 3 and Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar. Read the full article online. Download the PDF below.