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Getaway Guide: 36 Hours in Bellevue


Get thee 20 minutes east of Seattle, where a post-holiday shopping oasis awaits

Nestled on the east side of Lake Washington, Bellevue offers a cleaner, quieter, and saner last-minute shopping hit than the big city.

Shop:  The Shops at The Bravern (11111 NE 8th St., Bellevue) lays out over 300,000 square feet of outdoor luxury retail space. With Redmond just 15 minutes away, the area teems with Microsofties (over 15,000 millionaires live within 10 miles) so don't expect the high hat at designer boutiques likes Herm├Ęs, Jimmy Choo, and Salvatore Ferragamo. At the northwest's only Neiman Marcus, personal shoppers are at your BFF via iPhone for questions, consultations, and shopping savvy. Head to the spa rooms near the cosmetic counters for a free facial whenever you buy make-up.

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