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Say Thanks to Those Tourists


Sharon Linton, Op-Ed - Bellevue Reporter 

Tourists are becoming an increasingly frequent sight around town. But before you start grumbling about the badge-wearing group of conventioneers that may have caused a line at your neighborhood Starbucks, consider the impact these travelers have on our economy.

Tourists spend money - $621 million in 2012 to be exact. Last year, our city hosted 1.3 million visitors who shopped at The Bellevue Collection, dined at The Bravern, stayed in our hotels and supported city gems like The Bellevue Arts Museum and The Bellevue Botanical Gardens. These visitors pay taxes that offset money Bellevue residents would otherwise pay in taxes. 


By The Numbers (2012)

Overnight visitors: 1.3 million

Visitor Spending: $621 million

Jobs generated by tourism: 9,759

Hotel Occupancy: 72%

Taxes paid by visitors: $57 million